Danny Smith

As a qualified coach in Boxing and various different sports, I believe that enabling the student to enjoy enhances learning which enables training to have intensity which is formulated by drive, stimulation and motivation. This is the key to obtaining desired technical and functional goals.

My coaching style puts you in a position to ask questions and be reflective so to enhance learning of what needs to be achieved.
I believe in applying transferable skills so the logic of what is being delivered becomes second nature in application.

I am passionate about my craft and believe that by ensuring all fundamentals are sound, the training provided will enable a stronger base for acceleration of your rigorous technical or functional training.

I am familiar and well versed with different training techniques so if your desire is to lose weight, enhance strength & conditioning, improve defensive or offensive techniques or build mental capacity, I believe together we can achieve that and together we win.

KO Gym: 187 Bancroft Rd, London E1 4ET, UK, Phone: +442072659693  

General Questions: info@koboxinggym.com  Personal Training inquiries: pt@kocombatacademy.com


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