Jay Dujon

I trained in several martial arts including Muay Thai/K1, as well as Taekwondo and gymnastics before going on to become an Elite Boxer. I hold the English Title Belt and I am a 3 x National Champion.  As a level 4 Personal Trainer I provide specialised coaching to a wide range of fighters and athletes. I am also an Elite Gymnastics Coach and Pilates Instructor so I can tailor a variety of different methods of training to suit individual needs.  Whether you choose to focus on fitness or technical ability and strategies in boxing, my aim is to help motivate and enhance your performance. Together we will achieve your training goals.

My coaching style is tailored very specifically to the individual. Whether you are a high level athlete or someone just looking to get stronger and increase your athletic performance I will meet your goals. 

KO Gym: 187 Bancroft Rd, London E1 4ET, UK, Phone: +442072659693  

General Questions: info@koboxinggym.com  Personal Training inquiries: pt@kocombatacademy.com


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