Muhammed Ali

Rahman Ali patron of Arches Boxing (A.B.C)

Rahman Ali formerly Rudy Clay, and family visited Arches Boxing Thursday 19th August 2012 where Rahaman Ali will be a patron of Arches Boxing. It was such an honour to have Rahman Ali visit us, and you may be aware that Rahman was also a heavyweight boxer around the same time as Muhammad Ali and had 13 professional wins. Both brothers were and are incredibly close, and trained together as juniors and seniors.

Arches ABC is a club that is open to all. We believe in building and working on all the components to enable you to improve skill and confidence to compete. We enable learning through desire and enthusiasm, if you have that sparkle to improve and enhance, look no further than Arches ABC.”

KO Gym: 187 Bancroft Rd, London E1 4ET, UK, Phone: +442072659693  

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